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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Be The Quiet Riottt!

Thanks to Celeste from Solid PR for hooking us up with VIP access to the Be The Riottt! festival yesterday. We missed the first half of the festival because who wants to be at a musical festival for 10 hours?!?! And who wants to see bands like the RX Bandits?!?!? hahaha sorry had to bust that out. DanRio, DJ Brown Majic, and myself got to the festival just in time to catch Asobi Seksu and Living Legends rocking 2 different rooms simultaneously. Living Legends were rocking the fuck out which I didn't expect. They were going all over the place, doing everything from fast rapping to shoulda lean kind of ish. Sage Francis came on and threw lettuce at everybody. haha that guy is hilarious. We got to watch half of his set from backstage. The security was pretty lax at this thing. We just strolled right on back stage and nobody said a word to us.

Saul Williams was bugging out like a mental patient.

Explosions in the Sky wasn't as amazing as everyone seems to describe their live shows, but nevertheless I enjoyed their set.

Metric was pretty good. The singer was trying to hard to be Karen O though.

None of the other bands really stick out in my mind right now. We didn't even stick around for The Rapture because... Well because I don't really like them and Cancun burritos were calling our name and we also had tickets to see Kool Keith down the street at Mezzanine. Be the Riottt! turned out to be more enjoyable than I thought it was going to be. Too bad the promoters probably lost hella money, since the place was only like half full. And I assume that about half the people that were in there got in free. Promoting is a hard fuckin game mang! Hopefully Scion gave em at least a 100 grand to beam their logo on stage the whole time.


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