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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

AKK-038_20060704: 4th of July DJ SwiftRock n DJ DreOne - 33.1MB

Wat you know about hiphop. Wat you know about hyphe. Wat you know about turntablism!?!? Das right! DJ Dre One of South City fame and Vestax World DJ Champion: DJ SwiftRock in da house!!!! We doin' it again straight out of VinRoc Studios. Even da kids is all hyphe, getting all stupid! Special thanks to Dre and VinRoc for hosting an independence day bbq and Fluid1R for hookin' it up. Now turn up da damn speakas!!!

4th Saturday of every month
Flava of the Month: Shortkut, Apollo, Vinroc, SwiftRock, DreOne
Milk 1840 Haight St @ Stanyan, San Francisco, CA

July 8, 2006
Official Vans Warped Tour After Party - Live 105 / Jungle Bolo: MUD
330 Ritch St, San Francisco, CA

DJ SwiftRock MySpace

DJ DreOne MySpace

B-Side Records Berkeley, CA

Hip Hop Slam Bay Area, CA

In4mation Honolulu, HI

again, no get playlist, cause blastyojaw said


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