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Sunday, March 26, 2006

AKK-027_20060326: One Lazy Kine Sunday - 37.8MB

So wat!? Lik BEEF!? nah, nah, nah. Sunday breh, jus chill out, eh. We get the latest haps wid chicken katsu, macaroni, an 2 scoops rice. Fresh kine with extra katsu sauce. Surf Alawai at yous own risk!

this Thurs @ Studio Z (11th and Folsom)
Sky and Telescope, All Ages, and some odda frikkas.
$5 21+ 8pm

this Sat @ Lucid (Sutter and Mason)
Suite and DJ Brown Majic (Diaspora SF)
$5 21+ 9pm

this Sun @ Studio Z (11th and Folsom)
Shred Club presents... Johnny Cheapo, The Knockoffs, Dead Ringers, Turbo Justice and the Rockinauts, and Blastyojaw on the 1s and 2s.
$5 21+ 8pm

Email us pics of you and/or your friends looking really happy. Whoever looks the happiest will receive a copy of the new Editors CD "The Back Room". Get those pics into us by this Sat. I will post the winning pic on Sunday. And we will even mail the CD to you. Yeps das right, no need even pick em up dis time. cheeeeeee huuuuuuuuuu!

Lazy Kine Playlist!


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