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Sunday, March 12, 2006

AKK-025_20060312: Gangsta Bass in Yo Face - 32.8MB

Ho! Mean kine mean. Need bass, but no need bass! Know what I mean? Models. AZNs. Parties all over da place. San Francisco stand up! Uncle Murdles House boiz in da house next week.

AKK events calendar:
Every Friday @ Arrow Bar (6th and Market)
6pm-10pm Reckless Derek providing an awesome ecclectic mix of rock music
$1 PBRs

March 24th @ Studio Z (11th St. and Folsom St.)
9pm-2pm Ooklah the Moc

April 1st @ Lucid (Mason St. and Sutter St.)
9pm-2am Suite, Libidinous Clones, and DJ Brown Majic (Diaspora SF)

April 2nd @ Studio Z (11th St. and Folsom St.)
8pm-2am Johnny Cheapo, The Knockoffs, Dead Ringers, and Turbo Justice and the Rockinauts. Blastyojaw being the human jukebox.

Ho! Bass Playlist!


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